Thursday, April 21, 2011

Free Reflector Alternatives

If you're like me you were super disappointed when Red Gate reneged on their promise to keep .Net Reflector "free forever". While I don't use Reflector every day, there are numerous times where I've needed to drill into a dll to see how something is accomplished or find some functionality I need.

Fortunately, there are new alternatives appearing for us penny pinchers. Hopefully Red Gate will get the message.

ILSpy - ILSpy is a free, open source replacement for .Net Reflector. Look and feel are modeled on Reflector.

JustDecompile (h/t Assia) - Telerik's foray into the market. Currently in beta but promises regular updates and an integrated auto-updater.

dotPeek - By JetBrains.


Unknown said...

Have you tried it? Is it any good?

Telerik recently released JustDecompile, a free alternatively to Reflector. My mate at work tried it and gave it the thumbs up.

JP said...

I have tried it and it works quite well. It feels just like an older, slightly less polished version of Reflector.

I'll have to look at JustDecompile. I admit I'm not a fan of Telerik components, but maybe standalone apps are nice.